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Here we have the Guise of Nulgath helm and the Blood Fangs of Nulgath back item.

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1538 days ago

Here we have the Guise of Nulgath helm and the Blood Fangs of Nulgath back item.


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johnlor1 1537 days ago

Nulgath/Miltonius All duhh way :3

yuri_shaman 1537 days ago


tahu4260 1537 days ago

Great work as always nulgath:) (steals the armor and helm)

eric23443219091 1537 days ago

i so want this helm

EroLord 1537 days ago

Nulgath Plzzz Make sumting related to Bloodletter Of Nulgath Non Mem Just Lyk The other 1 ?

Bentleynew 1537 days ago

Helm cc please. It would look so good with nulgath armor.

aqwalexandre 1537 days ago

nulgath remove the sword ,arm have is better to equipe others swords

bloodystormaqw 1537 days ago

woah this is gonna be like the best shop in aqw ever xD

Xaayer_The_Grey 1537 days ago

Awesome. Just hope not everything is red... hoping for some black and grey items, too!

MaximusCorvinus 1537 days ago

Wtf the runes in the feet makes dage looklike a a crying boy,, Hail Miltonius..

Monster_AE 1537 days ago

This is For Friday , Nulgath war shop.

PropheticDuck 1537 days ago

>Blood Fangs

I fucking love you.

Icymercy 1537 days ago

Dam u are the best

CombatoidAE 1537 days ago

Will this be in your war against Dage or will this be more quests at your hideout?

Zinrio666 1538 days ago

Well these items be in #AQWorlds ?

qutenoob 1538 days ago

how much it will cost me milton
dosent matter im getting it anyways

iangrantgarret 1538 days ago

its time for the void to rise up and reveal it self dage will fall and nulgath will rise >:D

FudgeRain 1538 days ago

the head will be mine whahahaha

its fit for the Armor of nulgath!!

the96dancecrew 1538 days ago

Yes awesom