Ghost Adventures


Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

Zak and Nick as always, looking very cool, calm, and tough

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2610 days ago

Zak and Nick as always, looking very cool, calm, and tough


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zaporah911 2542 days ago

God bless t-vo I always rewind and go back over facial expressions

nikolew1 2599 days ago

I don't blame the soiled doves. I wouldn't b able to keep my hands off of u...

aLmahh 2609 days ago

This Has Got To Be One Of Your Guys Better Investigations. That Loud EVP Saying "NO!" Was Really Freaky. Even Thinking About It Now Still Gives Me Chills. Great Job Guys, Can't Wait Till Next Friday.

benitosantana 2609 days ago


phlahoo 2609 days ago

tombstone was CRAZY. I think that's one of the first places [on any show], where the EVP's actually gave me chills. Repeatedly. =/

RaimondoPatrizi 2610 days ago

Would love to see a episode on the Queen Mary guys!

stingray81 2610 days ago

The pic. is priceless. Keep the good work guy's.

heather_the_kid 2610 days ago

Tombstone was definately the best episode. If I was a spirit there you would have seen a lot of me :)

sassywitch87 2610 days ago

lol... birdcage was great... I think the "ladies" really took to you :)

tiffany323 2610 days ago

yeah, "calm" lol i LOVED the birdcage theater! totally my fave :)

PotpLady 2610 days ago

Tombstone was off the charts...great job!

pattycakes864 2610 days ago

i think you guys are great!

Debiajacks 2610 days ago

If this is your cool look, I gotta see your "holy fucking shit" faces. :o

LadyWildcat78 2610 days ago

lol :)

skbird1210 2610 days ago

My favorite part was the walk thru when Zak was Touched by an "Angel" in his lower torso area.

skbird1210 2610 days ago

I wish everyone would have worn "cowboy hats". More ghosts would have shown up!!!

evol_annabellee 2610 days ago

Ha! You can't fake that look!

Metalgodess 2610 days ago

Zak says: "OMG did you hear that?" This was very cool-it just keeps getting better and better every Friday!!!

MamaToBebeAdan 2610 days ago

LOL!, not really, they look like they're both about to jump out of their skins or poop themselves. Great night vision photo, btw, its like you're in the dark investigating with them. :)

JasmineMaeW 2610 days ago

and the things they say...(had to continue the tweet)