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1636 days ago


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JHomme 1636 days ago

Any chance you can add more Chaos Mod Packs to Heromart? Need it so i can get PaladinSlayer :)


MigKreAE 1636 days ago

asia please

Chipkee2 1636 days ago

Asia please ._.

Piratelegend 1636 days ago

i cant find it in toy r us

Tuskasami 1636 days ago

:\ i dont live near a toys r us and heromart is out of chaos packs

AiasAE 1636 days ago

right :dd in germany too! pls

PaleoAE 1636 days ago

Yes we need AE items in europe! we have toys r us stors here to. The netherlands for example. plenty of people here who play AE games and having the items in the stores here would also be good publicety for AE so even more will go play it!

Icecold1994_Aqw 1636 days ago

Put more in Heromart v.v?

Vorpalx_LG 1636 days ago

some here in egypt! we want them,alot of aqw fans in egypt, u just dont know it :/

bossmikeyAQ 1636 days ago

any chance UK could have these because we also have a Toys R Us ?

GraveHunter_AE 1636 days ago

Wish they could've sold some here in europe =/