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I grant @JetSilverGold's wish! Here's me in a swimsuit! =D

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1488 days ago

I grant 's wish! Here's me in a swimsuit! =D


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HansForeverAlon 1417 days ago

Almost got a boner..

HEB_AE 1480 days ago

take a pic of yourself wearing a swimsuit in real life, not just 2D pixels <_< lol

Akizutsu 1487 days ago

Now take a photo in real life ^-^

DeityLinkAQW 1487 days ago

has been derpwned!

Zorfinity 1488 days ago

why isn't it you in irl in a swimsuit

bossmikeyAQ 1488 days ago

Dam just when i Actually thought it was you irl with a Swimsuit on :/

VitorMarchezini 1488 days ago

hawaqw XD

RoXas4r2 1488 days ago


PaleoAE 1488 days ago

Lol you got me. Firts i was like =0! but then i was like :/ and then i was like XD!!!

BaronDante_AE 1488 days ago

Can I has one?

Orphantine 1488 days ago