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Okay done version of my newest armour, I kind of like it.. what do YOU guys think :)? - Enjoy. I think its done...

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1638 days ago

Okay done version of my newest armour, I kind of like it.. what do YOU guys think :)? - Enjoy. I think its done...


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AstralFyre 1596 days ago

will this ever go in game now that your a mod? i love it so much!

BabyhoundAQW 1606 days ago

You sure do seem to know how to make non complex designs appealing. Sometimes simplicity is best, especially in art.

Iron_Sage 1615 days ago

looks cool! the loin cloth is a bit plain.

magnadragon00 1616 days ago

epic!! love the entire thing :D

TwinTerror6640 1619 days ago

Love it xD

Model_Y_ 1627 days ago

brilliant! think the visors a bit low down though, but lovin the design!

Zinrio666 1631 days ago

Awesome much :D

XnaraArts 1632 days ago

Thank you :p and it's all right to be negative, but personally I did not want to make the shading to detailed - If it got in aqw it would be very messed up since the size would be a lot smaller.

Top_AE 1632 days ago

Visor could follow the glow color and the chest and fist look weird to me....but really nice work, sorry im too negative maybe! :P

Top_AE 1632 days ago

First i got to say its an AWESOME designe and that i love that blue.....now....the shading of the skin and glows (and the leg kinda too) is too simple in comparation to the armor, i personally dont like that bright color you used. Visor could follow the g

Art_DS_Raja 1637 days ago

just something i think the cloth colour looks random...maybe the blue on the glow for the cloth?

Art_DS_Raja 1637 days ago

:O! EPIC!!!! mind one day having an armor off with me? Like in 3 weeks?

LLBALDWINLL_AE 1637 days ago

Better, fix some dirts on the chest. ;)

Ne0n_x_Snipez 1637 days ago

OMG!!!! aweosme

Vokun_AE 1638 days ago

Don't really like the helmet. Should change the colour.

XnaraArts 1638 days ago

because I like it like that :)

pRopaaNS 1638 days ago

I think cloth might be too bright,if it ineed is meant as cloth.And legs looks kinda lacking(foots looks fine). Anyway, why is eyehole for helmlet black and yet glowing?

DoomSkuller 1638 days ago

This... is epic.

SerLionhart 1638 days ago

This one.

Dawis67_AE 1638 days ago

Well you should make tutorial and tips how to make armours and some vids. But about armour-It is nice but you have better ones