Coheed and Cambria


We are a band from New York.

Claud making some crazy sounds in the studio.

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2219 days ago

Claud making some crazy sounds in the studio.


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NinnaPris 1943 days ago

I love that man!! He's awesome! But please Co&Ca come to México! We need you!!

AvieyZombie 2172 days ago

That Man is crazy!!!

Kferd 2199 days ago

Can't wait to see you guys in Chicago opening for Heaven & Hell. Also can't wait for your new album to drop so I can see you headline! Come to NE Iowa sometime please!

AvieyZombie 2202 days ago

his legs are kind of skinny... hehehe...............and hairy. (giggle)

lorilovesmusic 2202 days ago

oH mY ... i sOOOoo cAnT wAiT 4 sUm mOrE fAvOrIaTe's & sEcRet's ... sMiLiNg ... u b 2 rOmAnTiC ... sMiLiNg sUm mOrE ... nice tat ...

cracktheskye44 2204 days ago

Is that Klaus Nomi on his leg?

jacoblaze 2205 days ago

Feening to hear sumtn new

erolyn 2209 days ago

nice axe.

Sophy23 2213 days ago

I cant wait for the new album .. you're a mastermind!

madddyjetaime 2215 days ago

gahh!!! i can't wait for the new album =D

artkid 2215 days ago

this picture is totally boss

Rands2113 2217 days ago

awesome!!!!! take your time with the album so it can be amazing like all of your other masterpieces

TEENA21 2217 days ago

i think you very talented, hope to see you one day in concert.1 day i think you very talented, hope to see you one day in concert.

theceraxis 2218 days ago

i like those kicks bro. what are they?

leahchu 2218 days ago

Just when I thought he couldn't get any more bad ass. My two favorite things in the world: Coheed and Pikachu.

mzshabooty 2218 days ago


chunky078 2218 days ago

does anyone know what the tattoo on his ankle is?

coheednsambria 2218 days ago


ffemme_fatale 2218 days ago

Claudio, you are so damn cuuute (: Come to the Jersey/Philly area, puhleasse

Ozzkeeper 2218 days ago

I hope they come to Mexico soon!! I BEG YOU!!!