We're so honored we're giving one lucky person $500 off their order with single use code
And if you're still reading this, it's probably too late.

That "$500" is not a typo. The code is good for only one order, and our system will give it to the first person to complete checkout (all the way through, not just adding it to a cart) and after that, it won't apply for anyone else. If someone uses it before you and you're not done checking out, our system will let you know the total has changed before your order is confirmed so you should be okay to back out. 

There is no traditional "order minimum," so when we say $500 we mean you can get $500 of stuff for free. But we're setting the threshold to have at least $300 in your cart so someone can't waste this chance on a $25 order. (That would be sad.)

If for some reason your order is placed without the code and you do not want the order to go through, please call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF or live chat on the site and we'll cancel your order right away. This code will get used in 2-3 seconds, so GOOD LUCK!!