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14 people in 1 car

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1901 days ago

14 people in 1 car


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ghettoflower 1844 days ago

That is a Ford Focus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

armenontheair 1894 days ago

Haha - there's some great comments below.

PT_25 1900 days ago

Yo Where they got that car from???????

kortneychannel 1901 days ago

omgggg !! shutup ! hahahahahhahahaahah!!!!!!!!!!!

kobe_916 1901 days ago

La Migggraaaa!!!! hahahah

beamoore61 1901 days ago

What seatbelt law?! We don't need no stinking seatbelt law!

Jasmin_Gh 1901 days ago

lol thats how it is in the middle east/asia...try to fit as many people into the cars as possible

miss_ev 1901 days ago


realrell100 1901 days ago

Imagine if they had to go to a drive-thru, they would be there for an hour just placing an order

jpg1991 1901 days ago

that's what you call FAMILY BONDING TIME. =))

wuyonghao 1901 days ago


KLoWniN_KyLe 1901 days ago

You could probably get some more in the front too lol

ThaRealVonte 1901 days ago

The bad thing about it is they be comortable lol

savoy5 1901 days ago

Racist !! just aint your fault this shit is 4real !!! LOL

donsylvano 1901 days ago

It would have been better with the NY cheerleaders you saw the other day :-)

BishaB 1901 days ago

lol...stop that! Youmust be in the BAY!!! Cause the kids are GHOSTRIDING!!!