ian somerhalder


Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

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What is wrong about this picture...?

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860 days ago

What is wrong about this picture...?


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AnaPauladeBarr1 858 days ago

The plumbing IS OPEN, urinating in the FALLING CHÃO

AndreiaFMarinho 859 days ago

GOT IT !!! the hole right ? there is any tube or something, it's just a hole looool

KathySchultz5 859 days ago

is it supposed 2b so low 2 the floor?!? Lol :-)

kazdamella 859 days ago

Don't know Ian, please give us a clue??...

EvaHemsworth 859 days ago


dazzles08 859 days ago

I can see a man too! maybe it's the card?? please tell us Ian!! ❤

LaskaMurKa 859 days ago

Urinal on sanitarian processing, and it is impossible to use him???)))

AdshSomerCullen 859 days ago

what?! i don't get the joke here!! tell me!

LaPellegra 859 days ago

Is just a pissed with a drawing forest (green) as the background!

HarumiHara 859 days ago


ThinkinginMiss 859 days ago

What is the little sign on the urinal about?

Areia51 859 days ago

i must tell you this(turn card) god is watching you? 1 way to leave a calling card i suppose lol

joannam66mikey 859 days ago

hahaha Ian you crack me up!

BeatriceLacy 859 days ago

That sign. "I must tell you this" - and what? Perhaps the answer in on the back.. :-)

KetiBeradze 859 days ago

I think it's nothing wrong about this picture.:D I love you Ian very much:*
(ძალიან მიყვარხარ იენ..<3)

Christie42476 859 days ago

Um, is it wrong that I'm more concerned with finding out what exactly the note must tell you?

DeansRaven 859 days ago

You're not in it? LOL No, I know the rules - no talking at the urinal!

Demonica_night 859 days ago

looked at pic again and noticed their is no urinal cake is that what your talking about?

debbiec31 859 days ago

the sign?

Fluffy_4eva 859 days ago

Tho goin round takin pics of urinals+posting em on twitter is also not conventionally normal :-p