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Miltonius Arts, LLC is an Orange County California based company Currently, working on the independent animation, AKUMI

Check out this speed painting of a famous undead character:

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1470 days ago

Check out this speed painting of a famous undead character:


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HeadCrusherAE 1372 days ago

You make him look better than he is.

Aizu_Zaphkiel 1376 days ago

i saw this in

DarknessTog 1376 days ago

Awesome. This is what makes me wanna grow up to be a AE Artist.

Skulliey 1438 days ago

are u trying to hint that dage will be in os or is this just for fun?

Slivax 1447 days ago


VentusAe 1466 days ago

an legendary version of dage the evil cool miltonius/nulgath

B_M_3 1468 days ago

This would be an amazing armor to have. I'm partially expecting to see this in OS, and looking forward to it should it be. Adore this!

AvengerAQW 1468 days ago

simply epic...

aqwalexandre 1468 days ago

this look better and a shop war preparation nulgath no have?

HEB_AE 1468 days ago


shadowreaperAE 1468 days ago


iangrantgarret 1469 days ago

i will call it dark lord of nulgath >:D

EciRorepme 1469 days ago

heh I love it... I just made it my wallpaper :3

Titan_Cromwell 1469 days ago

Dage in his younger days?

SkylineSV 1469 days ago

I love the energy of his pose!

Zinrio666 1469 days ago

This is "Uber Epic" :D

SerLucane 1469 days ago

This has to be one of my favorite versions of Dage the Evil!

Shydoli 1469 days ago

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww i wanna be yur apprenice one day milt :D !!!!

Lost_Affinity 1470 days ago

Medium sized version of Dage... I like. #OS maybe?

tahu4260 1470 days ago

very nice nulgath, cannot wait for the war!!!!!!!!!!!