MARINA RICHTEROVÁ - Golgota, Hommage a P. Bruegel, 1998 and The Juliet, 2000  For the artist’s biography see the earlier twitpicked picture at 
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The two images accompanied bioZhena’s Weblog post “The perils of IVF, of ARTs, of giving birth at old age – part 2”, at . Gist: Tidbits from a debate at a LinkedIn group about DANGERS OF IN VITRO FERTILIZATION. And I offer Google Ngram evidence for why I was justified to exclaim, “Damn the bloody Pill”. People debate hotly burdening future generations with debt – but we don’t seem to care about burdening them with health consequences of the daft but so prevalent postponement of motherhood until it’s too late. Consequences, potential until experienced: Birth defects in IVF kids, and – theoretically, speculatively - epigenetic harm in subsequent generations of offspring. Do we really demand the direct human harm and suffering proof before reconsidering…? Is ambulance chasing the way?