There is Reason to be Hopeful

Recently, we asked kind people like you to make a contribution to the @UNRefugeeAgency (UNHCR) to help us purchase blankets and other urgently-needed #humanitarian supplies for the men, #women, and children who are fleeing their homes in #Syria.

The response was touching – and warming. This evening, when the temperatures fall with the sun, mothers and fathers will bundle their #children into warm blankets. Their future is still uncertain, and they all hope for a better tomorrow…

…but warmth (in the form of blankets) arrived, just in time – thanks to the generosity of people just like you.

The situation is still critical – rain is forecast in #Lebanon for today, and far too few families have tents to shelter them. If you haven’t donated yet, or can make a second donation now, we’d be grateful. Just click here to make a contribution now: But there is reason to be hopeful, too. We set a goal of buying an extra 2,400 blankets and we met that goal – we even went just a little over.

For the Syrian mother who receives a blanket for her baby, or the father who can keep his children warm tonight, those blankets are more than a way to ward off the chill of night. They’re a sign that there are good people in the world who care – and who want to #help.

On their behalf, we thank you for your compassion and your kindness.

Jo Sullivan
Executive Director

PS: Please forward this message to friends who might be willing to help as you have.