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We sing because we can't speak anymore.

Happy 4th of July!

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2339 days ago

Happy 4th of July!


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starpies 2184 days ago

your dog is sooooooooooooo-oooo cute :')!!!!!xx

arabasbas 2224 days ago

well, that's my birthday. :D Happy 4th of July!

chlophaba 2260 days ago

Maddie is gorgeous!!! so are you x

zeastonogle 2260 days ago

That doesn't happen to be a Maltese does it? I love Maltese. I've got two of my own.

lavieboheme85 2309 days ago

Maddie is so adorable! I had a maltese also, her name was Maggie.

ReneeAllDay 2328 days ago

Hey Kristin,how you doin'?You and Maddie look so happy....I sure miss not seeing you and your baby on the lot WB-Wanted to let you know you are missed around here!!!!!Also my lil Sweetums say's Hi to the both of you :)

jckhot4krstn 2334 days ago

Just correcting myself,Lili with a i,not y,Lili Von Shtupp!!!Two weeks away from Kristi's birthday,(on a side note)I love to wish a Happy Birthday to Sofi'a V.!!! Also I'd like to hear more from Kristin,with more pictures from her!! I'll keep checking Kri

jckhot4krstn 2336 days ago

My favorite Mel Brooks movie was Blazin' Saddles,and I always will remember Lily Von Shtupp!! Madeline's take-off of Marlene Dietrich,and when she sang that song I'm Tired !!And my favorite line she says,"It's trwue,it's trwue,it's trwue !!! LOL

jckhot4krstn 2336 days ago

The A.M.P.A.S.(Academy Awards)will honor Mel Brooks with a tribute on July 24!! - Kristin's Birthday,at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre. Kristi,of course,did the workshop for Young Frankenstein and(obviously)Kristin's maltese is named for her idol !!!!

Becwall 2336 days ago

Aawww, this is my dog "Taco".....Ooooooh my god!!! Sing it with me now, Oh look it's Kevin Spacey :)

ngalingxd 2336 days ago

that is so adorable :)

jckhot4krstn 2337 days ago

I'm not familiar with the GoldDerby Awards,Kristin,but I'm interested in watching what kind of award show it is,Kristi,I think these awards are pre-Emmys,Kristin,because the Emmy Awards are coming soon !!!!

jckhot4krstn 2337 days ago

Again Kristi,hope you win the Best supporting actress for Pushing Daisies,with the GoldDerby Awards,Kristin,also Good Luck to Lee and Chi,
who are also nominated with you Kristi !!!!

chboz 2337 days ago

K.C. you are one of the best if not the best. Hey I must tell you I miss Olive!

JyNa93 2337 days ago

ur dog is looking cute!... happy late 4th of july! lol... congrats on the gold derby nomination!!!!

amyroxy93 2337 days ago

Kristi my love, congrats on the GoldDerby nomination! You better win, or I will Hollywood for as long as I live, except for you and Idina! You guys are my rolemodels! What do you plan on wearing to the event?

LeeAnnWilcox 2337 days ago

Looks like you had fun this year! :) Lakers hat of course and Maddie looks like she's also enjoying herself! Was the weather cooperative?

clausav 2337 days ago

so cute!!! :D I'm a big fan! Hope to see u soon in the Wicked movie...

sephard 2337 days ago

P.S. My user name relates to my ethnic heritage.I'll explain if you
want.Bye now!

sephard 2337 days ago

Hi Kristin! I'm new to Twitter.I'm one of your adult fans.Love this