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The many flavors of Kit Kat in the Studio - Edamame, Grape, Strawberry Shortcake and many more

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2188 days ago

The many flavors of Kit Kat in the Studio - Edamame, Grape, Strawberry Shortcake and many more


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ApolloFour 1832 days ago

didn't know that kitkat had mutliple flavors ^_^

REALKnightMayor 2168 days ago


artkid 2184 days ago

edamame kitkats.... oh my buddy would be very upset by this LOL

amber_piers 2185 days ago

I had NO CLUE there were so many flavors.

mamiw 2186 days ago

Where are u?!?!?? Studio in where??! LA?? How u got all those Japanese Kit Kat...!??!?
I see u finished strawberry shortcake one. Kinako is good... im not sure w chocolate tho.

milk_magnet 2187 days ago

So will there be a Coheed endorsement in Japan that we never see here in the U.S.? Actors do it all the time, you guys should too!

livlivliv18 2187 days ago

Awh, dude! Yeah, you're gonna hafta let us know how the green one went down. And I do mean, DOWN. haha. :D

tricia0585 2187 days ago

that green Kit Kat...i think its wasabi...hehe

newo83 2187 days ago


leahchu 2188 days ago

ohh i love pikachu! :D

you_killed_alan 2188 days ago

Woah! Is coheed in Japan now???

bayyPiNAY 2188 days ago

hella asian. lmao xD

headphonezombie 2188 days ago

hahahaha.. glad to see youre having fun in japan... but edamame??? youre gonna have to let us know how that one worked out :\

clicheunreal 2188 days ago

Edamame? lol what happened to just plain chocolate?? and is that a pikachu down there?

deleriumtrigger 2188 days ago

the green one disturbs me a bit

Death_Burnout 2188 days ago

Wow. Japan has gone crazy with Kit Kats...they have countless types.

cuddlebones 2188 days ago

mmmm... i love strawberry shortcake.

huntercamp 2188 days ago

I'm sorry, but that's the weirdest shit ever! How do you miss with the perfect candy??

TonyKiriotoshi 2188 days ago

Whhhaaaat? Interesting. Inspiration for music?

savemeambellina 2188 days ago

My immediate response: "WHAT?! WHAT?!!!"