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Toca put himself to work outside the castle at festival beauregard

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2753 days ago

Toca put himself to work outside the castle at festival beauregard


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moniqueadrien 2666 days ago

besides incredible he loves plants

fabiolahopeful 2728 days ago

look, red flower!

minipouce24 2729 days ago


Squeakz0rs 2735 days ago

Toca Rivera is simply amazing, never get rid of him, he's like part of you live!

crazymoneypenny 2742 days ago

never seen someone garden upside before. impressive ;-)

puffpromotions 2748 days ago

Love LOVE LOVE the conga's .... you two are an amazing pair!

MieziMiezeKatz 2750 days ago

I agree, Stuttgart was amazing, and the rain too. It was great. Hope to see you soon guys

Anna0294 2750 days ago

Thanks for such a nice concert yesterday in Stuttgart =)
But why don't you play Wordplay and Geek in the pink anymore??

ShyyThatWayy 2751 days ago

Nice guns!!

juliadrab 2751 days ago

I remember at a show a couple years ago you said "if you're looking for a boy with a voice well baby Toca's single ;D" Cause you weren't at the time. It was great.

LINsiri 2752 days ago

Hello Toca!! Love u ^^

MargauxM_ 2752 days ago

Nice pic !... Thanks for your concert at Festival Beauregard! It was amazing! too bad that it wasn't longer. I seen your "new friend" on the stage... Thank you Jason! ;)

numandy 2753 days ago

WoW ^^

ginired 2753 days ago

Toca , man!!!!! super hands! super complement on stage for jason, of course, he's Pisces, like me, jajajajajja!!! perfect combo

SunshineSasha14 2753 days ago

Toca, you and J are an inspiration! Your voice and beats are so amazing!! :)

canarchaudry 2753 days ago

Mr.Toca! how can someone not love your beat and voice.. you and Jmraz are like the Ying and Yang :)Loved I'm Yours (korea)

quiggles67 2753 days ago

ha! Correction its a 'dogfather' shirt... Classy.. And nice pic.. Really brings out the masculine side of you bahahaha

razzmrazatazz 2753 days ago

U r the original garden gnome, Toc! Good job!

EndofRoad10 2753 days ago

Toca, you are bad-ass. Your beats & voice are divinely delectable & U make it impossible to sit still. Sipping on a big cup of Gratitude at Cafe Appreciation. You & Mr. Mraz are an inspiration. Thanks for the positive vibrations & thnx 4 pulling some weed

jasonthedream 2753 days ago

Nice Tattoo. WHat does it mean?? And Your photo is up side down?? Must be from a mobile phone cam...