Shot the final scenes for Dead Original's upcoming single Crazy About You!

The music video will be launched in about a month or two depending on how long it takes for final editing and mixing of the song itself. I'm stoked to start this project as I get to take a step back from drumming and get a taste of what it's like to be a singer/song writer and front man. I'm never gonna quit playing drums, being musician is all about being well rounded and well this project is a whole new outlet of expression for me. I have for some reason never grown out of the whole grunge feel of the 90's even after studying different styles of music so I'm now throwing in my theory knowledge of what I learned in school and hope to take it to a different level. Even if the first album isn't all that different, I know the second album will.  For now, it's all feel and strait to the point rock. I love melodic hooks accompanied by simple but "grooving" rock grooves and very "rhythmic" guitars. Crazy About You's chorus has a Nirvana feel to it vocally but the actual rhythm of the guitar if notated is a funk feel...............weird; or is all music related?

Special thanks to Rick at Key Lime Films.

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90's feel w/ modern direction.