Charlie Villanueva


Charlie V. was born Aug 24, 1984 in Queens, NYC; a Hispanic basketball player for the Detroit Pistons; drafted 7th in the 2005 NBA Draft by the Toronto Raptors.

I'm feeling the love already, how does the #31 red-white-blue look like?

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2577 days ago

I'm feeling the love already, how does the #31 red-white-blue look like?


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csstokes 2571 days ago

Welcome to Detroit! Looking forward to the next 5+ years. Good luck!

wynvalenz 2571 days ago

We, the Detroit legion of fans, expects bigger things to and BG man! Go CV31! Mute all the non-believers! Go Pistons! The ring is almost there!!!!

MontanaBadboy 2572 days ago

Never looked better CV. Hope you find a home here and bring some "ships"

MWbower 2572 days ago

CV31 in Red and White would look good too, but I don't the Raptors have enough money under the cap !

Bulls91 2572 days ago

One word:Champion.

zoogs521 2572 days ago

CV! The Piston Red, White and Blue suits you well man! Looking forward to big from you this year!

sebzin 2572 days ago

ok man nice to pistons and for you this contract you a great guy and a very good players i'm your most big french fan man respect an good luck, i'll take news of you ciao!!!

M_Cunningham3 2572 days ago

CV, big fan of the BG comment... I was at Eastern when you guys were winning in 04, know you were down at Sports Bar a time or 2 in Willimantic.... good luck this year

Robert_D99 2572 days ago

welcome to the motor city dude......

AdamBaser 2573 days ago

CV31, Welcome to Motown! I hope your tenure with the Pistons proves successful and you enjoy teaming up with BG again!

MikeA07 2573 days ago

Looks good. Wish you were still rocking the Toronto uniform though.

DetroitSmoove 2573 days ago

CV31!!!! What up doe and welcome to the D... What do u like playin better the 3 or the 4?

LanceGordon 2573 days ago

Welcome to Detroit! We are stoked to see what you can bring to this team!

Toucan_Sam10 2574 days ago

We have one of the best crowds ever. Our sellout streak ended though in February with 259 consecutive sellout games.

Pistolino 2574 days ago


JG_Hollywood 2574 days ago

I love it! Looks great! Can't wait for next season to see u and BG back together again. Should be interesting! Forget the wine and gold its all bout the red white and blue!

lcaston 2574 days ago

You might want to rethinkg the #31 CV.

DaveT1983 2574 days ago

Cool pic, Charlie.

Animosity: Charlie has a condition which causes hair loss. Way to know one of your favorite players.

AnimosityMOTL 2574 days ago

Seriously dude where's your eyebrows?

zfoor 2575 days ago

hey, are they selling ur jerseys all ready? if they are i gotta get one of those! looking good charlie looking good