Confrontations Part 2 - A large roar erupts from the cloud, the battle however, rages on, as if they do not notice the cloud. David runs through the gates and up onto the wall. As he does so the black cloud begins to fade. A large dragon standing on it's back legs stands in the center of the cloud. It's left eye is golden yellow while the other is white with a scar ripping through it, it is pitch black with golden horns on it's head. It's tail swings and destroys a part of the stone wall of the fort with ease. It's wings are ominous, black on the back and red inside. The dragon breathes heavily, it scans the battlegrounds and roars. The entire battlefield then stops, both sides alike and watch the dragon. The dragon is large, but only about the height of ten average men. Macian looks at the dragon then shouts.
"Fight on men! This only empowers the assassins, slaughter the enemy at all costs!"
The assassins shout and the war begins again. David grabs Macian's shoulder and swings him around.
"You would dare fight alongside a Branded!?!"
Macian sighs.
"David, I have always known, I had my doubts, but, I stood by him. To me, it changes nothing. Sothe had told us long ago, he kept it from you for this reason."
"He, them! They are branded by the gods! The cursed ones!"
"David, leave, if you are not loyal to Sothe then you are, by his word, banished."
"No, I will stay and fight. For Swordhaven!"
"Then I have the authority, and orders to execute you!"
Macian places his hand on David's chest and a small electric shock forces David back, off the wall and down onto the ground. David punches the ground, sending a small light beam into the earth. The ground shakes and a large cloud of smoke rises up. David flees out the eastern gates into the forest. Macian grunts and goes back to commanding the mages. The dragon stands still, after minutes he flaps his wings and flies in the air. He opens his mouth and small blue lights swirl into it. They gather to form a blue flame, Sothe swings his head back and then throws it forward, the flame unleashes into a large blue beam of fire, it rips across the open plains, slaughtering the Swordhaven army. Zane watches as his army begins to dwindle. 
"Retreat! Back to base camp, retreat!"
The army falls back slowly, but the assassins follow. 
Then an echoing voice pierces the ears of the soldiers 
"Do not pursuit! Hold back and keep the defenses strong!"
The assassins obey.
Sothe roars and his dragon body turns to ash and he falls down toward the ground.
"SOTHE!" Macian throws his arm in the air, water from the dirt shoots up and cushions Sothe's fall. When Sothe regains his balance and walks back to the fort, the assassins cheer, chanting his name.
Macian kneels before Sothe.
"David fled."
"Very well, he will go to the Central Swordhaven Army, if they do not retreat before three days are up, we will strike their camp, with full force."
The assassins cheer once more and their screams can be heard by the retreating Central army.