Park Jung Min


독기 때문에 요즈음 엄마가 거실에서 주무시는데, 요를 깔고 잠깐 차 한잔 하는데 독기가 슬금슬금...어느새...

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1511 days ago

독기 때문에 요즈음 엄마가 거실에서 주무시는데, 요를 깔고 잠깐 차 한잔 하는데 독기가 슬금슬금...어느새...


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Jesica13784205 1406 days ago

añakachallau........................ah q lindo me lo comeria a besos al igual que su dueño

yukyuk501 1510 days ago

Jung Min - I am sure Dokki loves to be with daddy all the time. Has Dokki met Choco yet?

yukyuk501 1510 days ago

Dokki so cute, lying on back on Jung Min bed. My doggy used to lie on her back in my bed as well.

NimoMony 1510 days ago


Anapyy 1510 days ago


OilZzyoyzZi 1510 days ago

How cute she is !! :))

very cute like you Minnie♥ haahaha

OilZzyoyzZi 1510 days ago

Minnie♥ ah im so tired yesterday & just comment your tweet late I miss you :)Pl z z forgive me T__T

LiouJennifer 1510 days ago

Oppa: Don't worry! I can be the babysitter of the lovely bunny and do the best!! :D

corianne36 1510 days ago

soooo little!

spraise22 1511 days ago

So sweety yeah ^.^
Shh , sweet dream doggy *.*

Elisantaana 1511 days ago

haaaa >-< cuteeee!! i want to hug him!!!!!

_JazminCruz 1511 days ago

Ah!! Cosita bella♥,♥

SunnyPooja901 1511 days ago

너무 귀엽다 ~~

Darknimph 1511 days ago

It's very very cute! :) Tell me, What breed is your dog? and What is its name?

joha_mania 1511 days ago

jejejejej oh! how nice

DeyMin 1511 days ago

so beautiful!!!! linda baby!^^~ She love

KoreanDrama808 1511 days ago

cute sleeping

Tannika85 1511 days ago


Poshdrive 1511 days ago

記得要幫독기 蓋被子哦!^^

_SinemYildiz_ 1511 days ago

귀여워~! ^o^