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On the plane. Very tight, very hot, luckily I'm beside B-Crad.

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2494 days ago

On the plane. Very tight, very hot, luckily I'm beside B-Crad.


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alika72 2336 days ago

Brian is not too happy with the camera..LOL!!

kristenashley09 2346 days ago

how did all these people get lucky enough to be on the same plane as you??

tzibell 2351 days ago

ahhh i dont know what i would do if i sat next to you on a plane.. i'd proballly pass out or just sit there at stare.. lol hahah jk jk cute cute

tzibell 2375 days ago

awww great pic of you.

TXCajunQueen 2445 days ago could be worse. LOL

jamesf408 2467 days ago

the chick in the background is either sleeping with her mouth open or is in "take off" mode and white knuckling her seat.

AGiavonni 2473 days ago

wow Love this pic,Very nice!

msceajay 2482 days ago

Now that is cool...

dreamcatche 2484 days ago


rockphotogirl 2486 days ago

Uh, yeah, didn't have Internet when you posted this. Gotta give a big, fat WOW to the both o' ya's! LOL ;)

HoldinMyHorsies 2492 days ago

Aw, Hi guys! :)

gumsan1982 2492 days ago

Do you remeber this performance? "A little more Chris" ^^

aliceanner 2492 days ago

Oops did I say N.B. I meant N.S. see it happens! lol!

aliceanner 2492 days ago

I couln't get to the concert last night but could hear it from my house you guys sounded Amazing! Even from my house I could feel the energy you guys put out there....awesome!! We will forgive you for saying N.B. though I'm sure some won'

spikefan23 2492 days ago

Nice look, I love the scruff. Your version of Poker Face was A-Mazing!!! It made me like that song, cause I didn't before. Good luck in Canada. Can't wait for your new album...I've worn out the first one. Lots of love!!

tonya872 2493 days ago

AW! You looked happy but Brian not so much. lol. Hope you guys have a blast in Canada although I can't wait for ya to get back here!!!!! ;)

aliceanner 2493 days ago

Could the hear the sound check from my house....sounded awesome!!!!

shiraz16 2493 days ago

Just love you guys. Stop by ISRAEL on your tour, I beg you! XOXO

rutpop 2493 days ago

I have to agree - very HOT indeed!!! ;)

rhonmom 2493 days ago

Omg u guys look great. Can't wait for the tour. Only saw u guys 7 times last year going for 8 this time.