as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

the AltarOfSanguine :)

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1572 days ago

the AltarOfSanguine :)


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FadingRage 1569 days ago

How the hell are you sussposed to hold that thing?

Galfor2 1569 days ago


Galfor2 1570 days ago

Seplchure or however his name is spelled will kuv this

RenaisancRanger 1570 days ago

You can get all of the alters from the treasure chests, openable at Twilly in battleon

AQW_Bluex33 1571 days ago

dat rune is from mercutio :O

HEB_AE 1571 days ago

this will be a treasure chest item and it is not released yet

Zinrio666 1571 days ago

Where can i get this house item ?

DarkshadeAE 1572 days ago

you should make an armor to go with the sword

LucianoCaffaro 1572 days ago

how can we get the sword┬┐?

mturf 1572 days ago

luuuuuuuuurve it baby!

CrossXfire2 1572 days ago

All your alters are amazing!!

GaleWarrior 1572 days ago

Y u No just suggest in forums?

diwaylonbolden 1572 days ago

this is more like it ow ya

MeinTeil95 1572 days ago

http://twitpic.com/960rw7 friday 13 herosmash armor i just made( im making a easter one later)

gtremmel 1572 days ago

also epic :D The Alter Of The Blood 8D

LDHanh 1572 days ago

The Ragnarok one is better.

Dobir_786 1572 days ago

altar looks awesome

Rivvit 1572 days ago

TBA= to be announced

DTAQW 1572 days ago

Does Sanguine have any relations with the vampire in /Join Lycan? Or just a coincidence? :P

AiasAE 1572 days ago

What means TBA? o.o