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Psychologist, author and magician. At Univ of Hertfordshire, but personal twitter account.

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Are you right or left brained? Take this fun test. Pic A=Right brained, Pic B=Left brained.

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1875 days ago

Are you right or left brained? Take this fun test. Pic A=Right brained, Pic B=Left brained.


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davedowns_uk 1851 days ago

Like , they seem exactly the same to me, neither is happier.

sofree 1868 days ago

at first glance, they are same, after a while, A.

ttsmother 1871 days ago

I see no difference w/the exception that the pic has been flipped.

PaoloViscardi 1872 days ago

They are equally happy looking.

de3euk 1874 days ago

At first glance A, after a while I see no difference

balgorandvern 1874 days ago

The only correct answer is A. We have no pity for those who chose B. The only question now is what must we do with them?

Raidical 1874 days ago


spamfromjapan 1874 days ago

Neither looks particularly happy, but I'd have to go with B.

MagnusMy 1874 days ago

By not focusing on my screen I am able to combine the two faces into a third one. He definitely looks like the happiest guy.

fuzztwin 1875 days ago

Happy? *scratches aspie head*

MollyMilner 1875 days ago

"A" looks happy "B" looks like he's smirking.

MadamMoxie 1875 days ago

The B face looks slightly happier for me. Face A appears happy-smirky.

GeekChickUK 1875 days ago

more confuse than happy slightly dorky I would say

kaspalita 1875 days ago

B when I look directly at the image - but neither looks too happy, when I look at the individual faces

DarrylWillis 1875 days ago

Goodnews: I can see things from varied perspectives. Badnews: I have trouble making up my mind!

DarrylWillis 1875 days ago

They both look happy to me. Which doesn't suprise me. ON a lot of these tests I've found my self equally divided between L&R and audio/visual!

redrisker 1875 days ago

I got A=right-brained... If I remember it right, right-brained: creative folks, left-brained: academic people

emmawelsh 1875 days ago

B, but confused now I'm thinking about it.

bourgtai 1875 days ago


she82 1875 days ago

B, so I'm left brained... What does this say about me?