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Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office - Live Long & Prosper!

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1246 days ago

Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office - Live Long & Prosper!


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chrisross39507 1018 days ago

You were my favorite Communication Officer on Star Trek

deathbywedgie 1034 days ago

How did I miss this?? Nichelle, you are a beautiful, classy lady!

dundee6 1188 days ago

dundee6 1188 days ago

Great photo, he is a great president for the USA, life long and in peace.
Greets from germany

moonkooky 1243 days ago

Peace, And Long Life.

billhaines 1244 days ago

Tim Russ for the biopic? ;)

lapinferoce 1245 days ago

This pic is ssSSo good and Nichelle Nichols so beautiful !

ggerke 1245 days ago

Now we know who's got the *real* power in the White House... as it should be ;) Very cool pic!

kimghob 1245 days ago

I really love this photo, way to go Nichelle and Pres.

MadSciKat 1245 days ago

Live long & prosper, Mr. President!

mizukawaseiwa 1245 days ago

The Vulcan salutes and bright, fantastic smiles go so well together :D

AnnaReich87 1245 days ago

They both look beautiful. Best Star Trek pic ever. :)

larryczerwonka 1245 days ago

now if we could just travel the universe. guess we need to clean up this planet first though.

gypsyles 1245 days ago

Genuine Geek - how human !

stevebeste 1245 days ago

Uhura meets Obama. Whheeee. ht

PlatNuMonk 1245 days ago

gotta luv it

MarcosLBrasil 1245 days ago

Uhura for President !!!

RackMyBrains 1245 days ago

I was voting for Obama before I saw this. Now, I feel proud to know he's a fellow Trekker!