Graham Linehan


I apologise in advance.

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2097 days ago


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moogyboobles 2097 days ago

The 90s schoolgirl in me is admiring the scrunch socks.

OnAgathasBehalf 2097 days ago

I saw two cows so I'm not sure if I was right or wrong.

AngelinaJolies 2097 days ago

There is something wrong with your sending machine because I got a clear image of one of those bags you can put in the toaster with beans in it.

owlsfan66 2097 days ago

Ah, I had Fr. Dougal's blank expression....or maybe that's just me....

Claire_m75 2097 days ago

oh dear god!!

ferricko 2097 days ago

O M G Thats so uncanny.

bykimbo 2097 days ago

I saw fish. My version was prettier, to be honest.

kitch22 2097 days ago

I only got the colour of the skirts wrong!

HopemanMan 2097 days ago

I saw an ostrich having a picnic. Close.

Shardyhaha 2097 days ago

I was thinking of other items of cutlery I'd of liked to seen similiarly bent to that beloved spoon.

maxley 2097 days ago

I had a horrendous vision of nuclear war with death on an unimaginable scale. *shrugs*

AndrewzCooper 2097 days ago

are those kilts or is that what Scots wear under their kilts?

breezyo 2097 days ago

almost, I had received an image of two hairy arses so it's kinda the same thing......

samward4b 2097 days ago

Interesting. I had a mental image of Michael Jackson sitting in Uri Geller's bedroom holding hands with an Elvis statue.

Euphiophone 2097 days ago

Now, if you Uri Geller in those outfits you would be closer to what I was thinking..

pitstopmark 2097 days ago

Justin Lee collins and nasty nick cotton on a night out at the tory party ball?

johnmdoyle 2097 days ago

Way off - it was red ties in my mind.

michaelfredman 2097 days ago

I was thinking of a monkey. Now I am thinking about this. AMAZING

twitdan 2097 days ago

I was getting 'Farm Animal'. Specifically Cockrel. So I wasn't far off.

AngelusK 2097 days ago

Uncanny. No, wait - I was thinking of an orange dot