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They do it at the Rock Werchester festival...you can do it at home

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2582 days ago

They do it at the Rock Werchester festival...you can do it at home


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beejeeken 2579 days ago

don't you mean Rock Werchter?? the festival in Belgium you performed last friday.. :-) i was front row ;-) you were amazing! thank you for the wonderful music!! x

aka_choogs 2580 days ago

Yup...and our garden thanks us for it every year!!

jennshon 2581 days ago

That's what I'm talkin about!

Jansyluvzu 2581 days ago

we do that in Holland aswell! :-)

LovelyLisey 2582 days ago

Have been doing it for years.

shashamusik 2582 days ago

Good Thing, we all hav to do smthg ecologic for a better world :/... i sort out dechets and i walk instead of drive my car when it's possible etc ;)

highhopehana 2582 days ago

my compost has turned into a place where the coyotes and ground squirrels dine... gotta get a compost tumbler

eveisme 2582 days ago

What coincidence I just bought one today.

Jess_belgium 2582 days ago

It's actually Rock WERCHTER ... ;-)

anggiakharisma 2582 days ago


LindseyLyles 2582 days ago

hooray for composting :) i started one on earth day

SalttAndPepper 2582 days ago

Yep..Save the earth guys! :D
... that sounded weird! x

nohumidity 2582 days ago

Happy fruit! The more one adds to the compost, less often will the trash bag need changing!

Churlay 2582 days ago

wow whooo hoo^^ great

Farahayu 2582 days ago

it's great :)

optforplatform 2582 days ago

agree!! or in bahasa we call it 'setuju'!!

wandamae18 2582 days ago

they're going to make them do it on this season of big brother....

Bldwnt 2582 days ago

great :D

k_baines 2582 days ago

Haha, your pretty right about that my friend :)