Battle Of Neverglades - The two armies clash in the open fields of the Neverglades. Sothe's army takes a big blow to it's small size at the very start, the undead army crushed the front lines and began breaking through the assassin's defense lines time and time again. Sothe watches as the undead come closer and closer. After watching them kill man after man, Sothe raises his sword and runs to the aid of his assassins. Within minutes of Sothe joining the fight the other two armies arrive. Reinforcing Sothe from behind enemy lines. Zane turns and watches his army slowly dwindling. 
Macian drives an ice shard through a soldiers chest while the undead wreak havoc upon Swordhaven. Alteon watches from his balcony  while nobles panic. 
"Where is Zane? Why hasn't the undead army from Shadowfall reinforced us yet? Why are we standing here waiting for those monsters to break down out door and strike us down!" 
Alteon turns and says calmly "Zane has been flanked by a rather large army in the the Neverglades, him and his undead army are probably being routed as we speak. And standing here is best as there is no other way out of Swordhaven, in order to leave, we would have to exit out one of the sub-exits, but still then the undead has surrounded us all! Now please shut up and stay calm."
Zane slices down an assassin with a large blue sword, now covered in blood. He looks to the sky as the sun slowly sets, the sky slowly turns orange and the undead are almost routed. 
"Soldiers, create a defense line to the east, gather the best soldiers and hold them off, mages gather to the south, less archers reside in that army, strike and kill without hesitation! Hold them off while I take my leave to the west!"
The undead obey and do exactly as he said. Providing Zane a clear way out into a dense swamp. Sothe slices through a soldier and watches Zane leave, "David! I am needed else-where, keep them engaged until I return, if I do not come back within the hour, finish them off and return to the fort!". With that Sothe runs after his brother.
-----------------------------Macian and the undead assassins breach the castle to find a group of paladins and high-ranking commanders. Within minutes of engaging them the undead army is slaughtered. Macian calls them off and retreats around Swordhaven into Darkovia.
"Alteon, send your remaining forces after them! We must not allow those assassins to live on with the chance of being attacked again!" A noble yells.
"No, we must focus on controlling the fires and tending to our wounded and preparing out defenses for a possible impending attack!"
Zane stops where he stands "Sothe, long time."
"So, you still can sense me? Even after all these years!"
"Sothe, why do wish me harm on this day?"
"You posses it, it which I must have, Zane!"
" not have it anymore. I destroyed it and you will never see it!"
"You lie..............lies are all you know!"
Zane turns around and looks his brother in the face for the first time since their fathers death 
"How you have changed. In appearance, your personality is the same and could use work. Leave now and I will not send the Central Army to your doorstep!"
"You act as if you are one of them, as if you are important, in reality you are just another outcast. Branded."
"Unlike you Sothe, I do not resent the people, and I do not shut out the world like it has some stigma! You are a murderer and an evil man. You will always live in fear and die in vain! Now leave!"
"Is that the best you can do? You are an outcast and nothing will change that, if they found out, the brand would not be your problem anymore. Goodbye brother. We will meet again, and when we do, I intend to acquire the item of which I desire. 
"Whatever allows you to sleep peacefully, goodbye. Sothe."
Sothe raises his hand and vanishes into a black smoke and Zane walks back to Swordhaven