Yes I am fake.

This is the FINAL-DONE version of my arch-angel armour, wings fixed and new helm added.

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1636 days ago

This is the FINAL-DONE version of my arch-angel armour, wings fixed and new helm added.


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MaegwynAe 1621 days ago

I don't know much about how AQW armor sets up - that said, love the gems Y palette. Your sig's elegant

Lukass_KM 1628 days ago

I love it, if you'd allow it, I might be able to make a concept polearm and staff for this... :D

Mayhem_GS 1633 days ago

Never stop making flash items! You have a gift, use it wisely. x)

-Walker (Mayhem)

ryozthegreat 1635 days ago

What software do you make these with?

Brisingr_Blaze 1635 days ago

I love it. Especially the hood!

DragonLord308 1635 days ago

ooh nice touch with the hood.

SirVegata 1635 days ago

awesome dude im hoping that your items once will be rare so i can buy em :P

NiciAQW 1636 days ago

I like the wings in this one.

XnaraArts 1636 days ago

that shoulder was not even done o.o The blue outlines was lines to flash it xD..

pRopaaNS 1636 days ago

1st shoulder version with blue outlines was my favourite.

XnaraArts 1636 days ago

Thanks everyone.

Dnightlord 1636 days ago

Dude this is awesome!!! One thing though: the gem with wings on the knee is off a bit, try re-adjusting it

Gjappy 1636 days ago


nodirsattarov 1636 days ago

Please....PLEASE....PLEASE SUGGEST THIS. I would so buy this. PLEASE!

LuisHenriqueLH 1636 days ago

i really like the hood!!

Model_Y_ 1636 days ago

that's pretty darn epic i must say, the cowl it's just brilliant and also the wings on the shoulder! but why is the foot gem diamond like when the thers are more oval? or at leats to me they seem different

Demi_Plank 1636 days ago

And you aren't part of the AQW Art staff because...?

LuisHenriqueLH 1636 days ago

well done!!!