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I live to try and be someone I can love and be proud of, to be perfect in my own eyes. Here is the art side of me: http://t.co/bN4PLQbFOl http://t.co/mURpuxbS

more (last) WIP for golden dragonplate contest against @LuisHenriqueLH hope ya like!

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1519 days ago

more (last) WIP for golden dragonplate contest against hope ya like!


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Dragon_Arcleu 1518 days ago

OMG Raja, thanks god I got you on the Arcleu team can't wait for you to start developing some stuff for us! This is awesome, the shading is absolutely brilliant and you completely brought the concept art to life :D

XnaraArts 1518 days ago

I personally mostly like the chest, be sure to use "Hairline" Not sure if you are using it here, and I don't really know about the dragon head, I think it could be better.

Art_DS_Raja 1518 days ago

its? mate u mean his.... /facepalm

LuisHenriqueLH 1519 days ago

my armor is basically the opposite of its

LuisHenriqueLH 1519 days ago

will be very tight I think

TheOrbg 1519 days ago

Yes. Very nice.

Art_DS_Raja 1519 days ago

uh yes cloth i forgot to tell u that its random i am gonna redo it xD

serenaatrandrak 1519 days ago

What do I say...? .... PURE EPICNESS... just think you should rework the shoulders a bit... the dragon head looks a bit lame... the cloth in the skirt also need to be corrected... and you should give a personal knee guard... the original is a bit lame

ebumbel 1519 days ago

Your shading has improved.

Art_DS_Raja 1519 days ago

wat do u say bout this?