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The BBC have outdone themselves with this year's April Fools joke.

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749 days ago

The BBC have outdone themselves with this year's April Fools joke.


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dairyflat 747 days ago


sdprince 748 days ago

Hmmm - looks like I have to rethink my beliefs about an afterlife. I feel fine. ???

sekola 749 days ago

BBC 만우절 패기 ..내용보기>>

pinkalious4 749 days ago

Wow I do not really think this is funny or even a joke

abovevalue 749 days ago

Good one BBC! Good one!

adamjweeden 749 days ago

Noob April Fool, Mine looks better!

raaaaaaaaaab 749 days ago

~150 views per second, congrats!

fenstin 749 days ago

Wish i'd been there.

homeflight 749 days ago

Best April Fools joke this year tbh.

beckz0rz 749 days ago

I love how some one felt the need to comment "Fake" without that comment I wouldn't have known.

sadbearhandbook 749 days ago


maandy_b 749 days ago

wtf lol hahahaha

sousmedard 749 days ago

Yesssssssss !!!

SnowJB 749 days ago

damn, that's where i keep all my stuff!!

universe93 749 days ago


BeeblePete 749 days ago

The outlying regions of the galaxy needed a hyperspace express route through our star system

comedywannabe 749 days ago

What I love most is this story is under UK news, not world news :D

huntertremayne 749 days ago