Marina Richterova
Pocta knežne Daškovové / Homage to Princess Daschkova
litografie / litograph
1996, 85 x 70 cm
Princess Ekaterina Romanovna Vorontsova Daschkova was involved in the coup d'état which placed Catherine the Great on the throne of Russia in 1762. In spite of her influential and family connections she chose to spend many of the next twenty years abroad. From 1776 to 1779 she lived in apartments in the Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh ... Princess Daschkova returned to Russia in 1782 and was appointed Director of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in St Petersburg. [This was from:]

Now, about the artist
Born 21st June 1962 in Moscow.
Her father was an academic painter and a professor Oleg Pavlovic Filatov; he headed the Studio of Monumental Painting at Academy of Arts and Crafts (Stroganov) in Moscow; he died 1998.
Her mother was Ljubov Fjodorovna Kurilo DrSc., a doctor, genetic and a female member of Academy of Science.
1970-1978 Marina attended French lyceum in Moscow.
1978-1982 Marina studied miniature and icon at College of Arts and Crafts in Moscow.
1982-1983 Marina studied book culture and illustration at Academy of Arts and Crafts in Moscow.
1983 after getting married to a doctor Jan Tesarík, Marina moved to Jihlava in Czechoslovakia; the couple got divorced in 1992.
1983-1990 Marina attended Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, namely Studio of Illustration and Graphics.
She has a daughter called Dana (born 1984) and a son called Filip (1990).
Her husband Ivan Richter, an actor, died in 2000.
From 1990 she has been working independently on prints and illustrations.