Nefarious Ne'er Do Well

New Bunny Weapons in multiple flavors! Bawk! Bawk!

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1522 days ago

New Bunny Weapons in multiple flavors! Bawk! Bawk!


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PivotalDisorder 1521 days ago

goddamn you Nightwraith...I got 8 characters that will need these :P

ValhasDrew 1522 days ago

awesome weapons, I won't doubt on buying one of them

ValhasDrew 1522 days ago

Great Job NightWraith, seems NegaWraith couldn't affect your mental state because you did some

DanniiBoixD 1522 days ago

These are the best Zookas yet!! I say let's keep tradition and have the zookas, and plus the sidearms look a little too plain. But I LOVE the zookas on the right, but the zookas on the left look too circular, and the egg-guns look fatastic. GREAT JOB NIGH

ElfPriestJZaanu 1522 days ago

This is a Eggalistic as Eggalistic can be.

Art_DS_Raja 1522 days ago

u even make bunny themed items so good, ur too gud nightwraith i just luv ur art so much man!!

Goony_ED 1522 days ago

lol, bunny overload ;) The pointy projectiles look dangerous! Love the eyes on buck tooth zooka!

Veneeria_AQW 1522 days ago

I hope that those weapons have chocolate inside or else.