Jennette McCurdy


Sorry I'm so sarcastic. I feel really bad about it.

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kohantherocson 1541 days ago

Enjoy your ride, Jen. LOL

naomealopra 1764 days ago

jpcarvalho spoke the truth the Brazil loves you

JPCarvalhoo 1764 days ago

BEAUTIFULL, The Brazil loves you.

RisyifaMcCurdy 1764 days ago

I think this is from iSpace Out?

jessica_rents 1863 days ago

where is that?
it looks strangely familiar...

MarijoMacias10 1957 days ago

when i saww this pic, an image of Freddie running and screaming "my mom ate my turtle" came to my mind!! iMeet Fred BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Love4Lovato 1957 days ago

whats with the outfit?? ahha:D

disneyboy123 1966 days ago

where are you?????????????????????????????????????????????????

metamarfoz 1967 days ago

xDDDDD How you have guessed before?

Excuse, I could write with mistakes, I from Russia am simple

1DBiebsSwag 1968 days ago


CourtneyToner 1972 days ago

Funniest Picture Ever Nette! :-)

JBESMOOTH 1973 days ago


GTI_Power 1973 days ago

haha this bike is a little "big" for ya LOL

justine_013 1975 days ago

haha, nice outfit . and the bike, so little, xD

u are so funny !!

eboney2468 1976 days ago

You are soo funny!!

viristein 1976 days ago


elyse18 1982 days ago


lalyw 1999 days ago


Jgtowers 2011 days ago

id race you and lose lol...i hear that you been sad if you want some cheering up im here on this earth to do so

emoskaterjenn 2013 days ago

lol that's funny. i do that all the time with my friends =]