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Details in the fabric had a special guest tonight....Joss Stone

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2788 days ago

Details in the fabric had a special guest tonight....Joss Stone


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hilgrega 2688 days ago

ok...maybe you havent herad about Guatemala.... but i tell you: its a really beauiful ciy...with many, many, Landscapes that make you ge inspired.....and you really got fans here......... really.............!! leve your music....thats he reason why I beg

ashbashHill 2743 days ago

hi love you

nininhafofuxa13 2751 days ago

Rotate photo please!

vivalasam007 2762 days ago

I was there. standing in front row. saw you making this picture. It was a great show wasn't it?

minipouce24 2762 days ago

My favorite...

loeskomen 2784 days ago

I was there! I loved it! The vibe was amazing, and so was your music. Hope you guys will return soon.

LauraleeG128 2786 days ago

Amazing guest performance...Joss is amazing and this song is one of the best songs ever to inspire and lift you up and make you understand that the world is more than what we are..give it up for Mr A to Z

Lpinhy 2786 days ago

Loved the concert! There was a great atmosphere in Westerpark :). Too bad your set wasn't longer..

shashamusik 2787 days ago


Vokeline 2788 days ago

Yours songs are so inspiring! They lift me up and help me through the day.. Even from a mile away, I could hear your Music from Westerpark in my garden: perfect summernight!

FeverRomance 2788 days ago

I absolutely loved it yesterday evening, it was too bad you had only 70 minutes with us... I loved your perfomance and how you included us with everything you did. When will you come back to the Netherlands? We miss you already!

danielle_dies 2788 days ago

Details in the Fabric is the most amazing song I've every heard, beating out the former rankings of Stairway to Heaven. Consider yourself accomplished and successful, JM. :)

EljaKraijer 2788 days ago

It was nice, Joss was nice. But u, u were tha bomb!!!

ingingi 2788 days ago

Loved your concert! But James Morrison is way better in this song than Joss Stone, sorry Joss!! But though I liked it :):)

beabia 2788 days ago

hay jason, you have to come to Brazil someday!!!

Mylene_S 2788 days ago

and I looooooved it! You were amazing Jason! One of the best days of my life! ♥

bekresse 2788 days ago

Great performance yesterday. Loved every minute of it!!! When will you be coming back?!

reytipz 2788 days ago

one of my fave tracks from jm cd...great collabo!with joss stone around the song will have a different twist flavo!that would magnificent!

kelsdw 2788 days ago

Not only is this blowing my mind... but it's BLOWING MY MIND!!!
why am i never where i'm supposed to be in life?
God knows i was MADE to be at that show.
f*ck that.
God knows i was MADE TO SING at that SHOW!
With you!