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"Backside Air" - art concept by RAS IV. (

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1715 days ago

"Backside Air" - art concept by RAS IV. (


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salsipuedes69 1314 days ago

Not because we can afford it, because it's on the way. Ajay -

salsipuedes69 1426 days ago

Inspired by the surfing of Cory Lopez. Socks -

salsipuedes69 1437 days ago

Freedom to express is a responsibility to express wisely. Burf!

salsipuedes69 1451 days ago

Oceanside pier? Encinitas Americano

salsipuedes69 1482 days ago

Your chances of scoring in Vegas are better this weekend according to the charts we predict for people. Smiles

salsipuedes69 1482 days ago

Love your bro and sis; become atrocious, insane, livid, and kind on their behalf. ( ) No doubt

salsipuedes69 1530 days ago

In the U.S.A. there is no choice; you must be free. ( ) See?

salsipuedes69 1690 days ago

The passage through the gate is not. ( Burf!

salsipuedes69 1703 days ago

Nothing like surfing in the ocean blue. ( Don't piss in our sea. See?

salsipuedes69 1706 days ago

Recruit the players starving to succeed at critical moments. ( For the love of it. Ajay

salsipuedes69 1708 days ago

Remembering our soldiers in Afghanistan and abroad. ( You are really doing a great job. See?

salsipuedes69 1708 days ago

Live in your area of expertise, don't let the envious draw you out. ( Alexandra

salsipuedes69 1711 days ago

First course: fresh baked wheat bread twists and bean curd fondue. (KT) Linner at the beach house. Smiles

salsipuedes69 1711 days ago

Eating our dessert first 'cause we deserve it. ( wiggles

salsipuedes69 1711 days ago

Maraschino cherries! Don't forget to place the cherries on top of the cream! ( Socks

salsipuedes69 1712 days ago

Finally divulged a long-held secret for icing cake on both sides. ( Gonna eat it 2. Smiles

salsipuedes69 1713 days ago

Grab a little sky to sling around. ( Candice