Kevin Burkhardt


Kevin Burkhardt is SNY's field reporter for all Mets games.

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1908 days ago


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GrontalisV2 1903 days ago

Awesome furry pic! :)

ClausTheWolf 1905 days ago

my favorite 2 pastimes cross paths

geekfox 1906 days ago

Fantastic. It's like when two worlds collide. :D

Furynull 1906 days ago

Yay furries ftw :3

LouisC 1907 days ago

Hah, furry conventions ftl.

musicalpeeps959 1907 days ago

I'm going to have very severe nightmares tonight....thats so creepy on so many scarred for life.

trilbydork 1907 days ago

I know that furball! His name's Crusader Cat.

tinawho 1907 days ago

LOL, I love it!

kranepool 1907 days ago

why do I think of "Ball Four" and Bouton talking about "Beaver Shoots"

ellenseabell 1907 days ago


fsolomon75 1907 days ago

You'd think SNY could get better groupies

AVSNY 1907 days ago

Say hello to the Mets new left fielder!

GSorensen 1908 days ago

How many saves has he blown?

BigVin57 1908 days ago

so whats better this hotel or the haunted one?

ChrisHippo 1908 days ago

Almost as ridiculous as my howling wolf on Mets Weekly.

ChrisHippo 1908 days ago

There is so much win in this picture.

JohnnyRanz 1908 days ago

can he hit consistently? if so ill take him

jonspina 1908 days ago

new friend?

anonymii 1908 days ago

I'd rather stay at the haunted hotel..

Papagolash 1908 days ago

That chipmunk/gopher looking thing is sporting a Pete Rose haircut.