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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Hillbillies and their sacrificial melon

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2524 days ago

Hillbillies and their sacrificial melon


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MeggKillough 2510 days ago

Man I almost missed the knife!

faith4jesusmom 2510 days ago

yum, too bad I have an allergy to it! Looks good.

speedysbabe 2517 days ago

that is just too cool!!!

DarkChild05 2518 days ago

nice pic

LoisMtl 2520 days ago

We have a restaurant in Mtl. that's called The Haunted House and they serve their chicken like that with the knife stabbed in it!

Auntiesuzz 2522 days ago

New video for your song "Water"

jaderose101 2522 days ago

You really shouldn't be allowed to have so much makes the rest of us look bad.

JulieGeary 2523 days ago

Oooo, and have you heard how to roast a watermelon?

whbird1 2523 days ago

Show those "northerners" how to paarteee!!!

tpattt 2523 days ago

omg, i love hillbillies! (:

CowboyKehv 2523 days ago

What restaurant in Manhattan is this?

KittLeez 2523 days ago

Which one is the watermelon?! lol ;o)

Jenpaisley 2523 days ago

How come everyones wine glass is How i love Hillbillies.

KungPaoBuckaroo 2523 days ago

Thinking of writing a song about this Brad??? I bet you could. If you can write a #1 song about bugs I'm confident you would write one about melons.

jmspenn 2523 days ago

Haha, this is a great picture. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your new album and especially the song Then. I am pleased to say that it will be the first dance between me and my husband on Oct. 3rd. So thank you!! :)

TressieBarthol 2523 days ago

OMG, what I wouldn't give to be the one taking that pic!!!

Auntiesuzz 2523 days ago

Watermelon Horror Pics... your next animation!

Rainy_Lake_Girl 2523 days ago


BKuBiCa 2523 days ago

He said we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wine...
Definitely some hillbillies! The giant knife adds a nice touch, Brad. Ha!

Clevergirl38 2523 days ago

You guys brought that melon with you to NYC, didn't you? Which one of you packed it? :)