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Here's a new armor I just finished!

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1103 days ago

Here's a new armor I just finished!


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Xaayer_The_Grey 1079 days ago

Do Want!

Bladebrawl 1096 days ago

It looks cool but the shading is a bit lacking. Mostly on the legs. I like it overall though. :)

AvengerAQW 1100 days ago

looks ok...

HEB_AE 1102 days ago

cant you see the shading on the right? This will be released in AQW not oversoul. Oversoul has different looking players.

kelwa32 1102 days ago

Nice , Cool , Awesome , Good job :D

ZeMageAE 1102 days ago


HEB_AE 1102 days ago

wow i love it

EvilArvis 1102 days ago

Nulgath can you create some1 new in juggernnaut

darkdemonozkar 1102 days ago

:O nice clasic xD whats the name :D?

XXHoussXX 1102 days ago

this is goin in AQW i hope

LordAE 1103 days ago

nice job nulgath nice art like always i am so getting it ;D

Cowctus 1103 days ago

a new nulgath creation!? getting it!

Nihilus_VZ 1103 days ago

Wish that the template didn't...seem so prevalent. :/

Sothe_AE 1103 days ago


DatRahu13 1103 days ago


FadingRage 1103 days ago

Really like it but the face mask looks sort of messed up.

Connor_Wolfeh 1103 days ago

Is that a assassin? I dont like the helm because the mask is to long...

Archerus_AE 1103 days ago


Model_Y_ 1103 days ago

the mask doesn't seem to fit...

DrDiceRoller 1103 days ago

Wow looks great, Ithought you were done with AQW. You update rarely. I know this is b/c of Over Soul but does this mean you are still on AQW team?