Maggie Gallagher


My last cup of #starbucks? It was free...

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1261 days ago

My last cup of #starbucks? It was free...


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DanBurke411 1261 days ago

And furthermore, you are a lot more delusional than previously think int'l communities are as narrow minded and bigoted as you. Please.

DanBurke411 1261 days ago

Hopefully it IS your last!! Your kind isn't welcome in a place where human values prevail.

ShirokoNezumi 1261 days ago

oh shit, how did a boomer get into Starbucks, quick shove it back before it pukes on you

BigBearRich 1261 days ago

tell me that's not a human appendage, please. it's even uglier than the hideous face.
No wonder the creature is so bitter.

biggaysam 1261 days ago

Thank all that's holy. Now I don't have to worry about running into you in a Starbucks.

JoeMyGod 1261 days ago

I've never seen anybody hold a coffee cup with their toes before. Well done!