Official Twitter account of the country duo Sugarland. Hi!

Ooooh, you guys will like this one too...- Shani (Social/New Media Guru for Sugarland)

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2645 days ago

Ooooh, you guys will like this one too...- Shani (Social/New Media Guru for Sugarland)


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1sugarlandfan 2603 days ago

ahhh i love it! finally, celebrities who aren't afriad to look human! haha

artsy_diva 2624 days ago

super cute!!!

aztiggie 2629 days ago

Oops sorry can't spell Awesome But you guys anyways

aztiggie 2629 days ago

I think you guys are awsomw!!!!

welderswife798 2631 days ago

I have to say Jennifer seems like a GOOD OL COUNTRY GAL!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!

Pastor_Fuller 2633 days ago

Hey everyone needs a break... lol...

claireelise136 2634 days ago

If you guys were looking for his other flip flop-it's right in front of you. Lol-nice pic.

bgstsugarlndfan 2634 days ago

JENN?! KRISTIAN?! what are you to up toooo??

squawkin 2636 days ago

Mayybbeeee this is what it looks like when they Twitter!!!

hishuny 2637 days ago

U guys look so FUN!!! I'd love to hang out with You guys for a day!!!

CherylSarem 2638 days ago

Hahha you two look suspicious! Jenn, your face looks like you just got caught doing something you shouldn't have lol

wendysurf 2638 days ago

What are y'all doin?

corandmel 2638 days ago

You two are so awesome!

DallasAlbury09 2639 days ago

That is tooo cute!

chris196643 2639 days ago

oooops i droped the cell phone

KaeKay2009 2640 days ago

Looks like yall r havin fun:)

briantbilane 2640 days ago

Slick Pic.... Did somebody lose a contact or something?

SugarlandFan567 2643 days ago

i love jennifer's hair i am getting my hair done just like it!! yall make a great team!! i love you guys!! i want to sing with you on stage sooo bad Jennifer!!!

LoveOnTheInside 2643 days ago

You guys are just too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gonecountry07 2643 days ago

You guys are so cute together and work so well together :)