Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

Do you think this is okay to eat?

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1764 days ago

Do you think this is okay to eat?


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Bananamatic 1764 days ago

Try wearing it on your "Private Parts"... then see if someone else will "Eat It".

SallyEdmans 1764 days ago

Only if you microwave it first.

justinhomepage 1764 days ago


CrackersToPolly 1764 days ago

Who knows !!!!!!!!!!!111

JohnInNJ 1764 days ago

Eat! Eat! You're too thin!

JustForNet 1764 days ago

crazy if just eat #SPN #LOL

iamnotjoe 1764 days ago

What are you going to let a small thing like that tell you what to do? Be a man eat it.

MargaretTomecky 1764 days ago

whats that? :P

BaronElm 1764 days ago

It absorbs oxygen, so why not. Just remember that you can't microwave it.

HelenOE 1764 days ago

I know you're the Eat It guy and everything, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. How 'bout here?

MaggiForth 1764 days ago

Try it and see what happens.

alienzed 1764 days ago

Common! Of course you can't eat that. Doesn't say not to drink it though! Will it blend?

AlfredvanZant 1764 days ago

Yeah, I hate it when you can't find the expiration date. But it's probably fine.

omareth 1764 days ago

In reference to your song "Eat It," I don't think it matters if it is boiled or fried, just eat it.

qskunk1 1764 days ago

Check and see if its on first

LensParty 1764 days ago

It might be flavored drink mix, you know, for drinking.

AlejandraDD 1764 days ago

Makes you wonder if it was just a small warning that grew bigger and bigger as people kept eating it anyway.

BigTex71 1764 days ago

Don't believe everything you read.

Ludovicaa 1764 days ago

Has it got any animal by-products?.. It probably is vegan I think.. so yeah I guess so..

WraithTDK 1764 days ago

Sure, I don't see why not.