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During the tour, I was given this doll named Maria. She was advertised as lifelike. How does Maria make you feel?

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1044 days ago

During the tour, I was given this doll named Maria. She was advertised as lifelike. How does Maria make you feel?


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JustSweetAngel 986 days ago

she's a mock of a female version of Sambo an old cartoon but it does make you question the education of some people and also how it ignorant some people really are, it's only upsetting to those that allow others to control their feelings, but at the same

KathSouthgate 1016 days ago

happy and smiley

acepope22 1028 days ago

Oh Maria makes me feel horny baby, yeah! Look at those sexy red lips, she's definitely a go-er.

acepope22 1028 days ago

If I judge it as a doll, little girls would enjoy it. Black in color so we are too assume racism.

Maziel 1035 days ago

If Maria had same features but was pink and her hair was yellow, would people still be offended?

NikkiHearsAWho 1040 days ago

This is pure ignorance. I've seen similar images in South Korea. It looks like a Sambo doll.

LaWrexy 1042 days ago

what i see before me is ignorance

DamitaJoBoy9 1042 days ago

Lifelike? Damn! "...It is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us."

Kailuana808 1042 days ago

Want to see the color of my blood? it's the same as all of yours. :O)

Kailuana808 1042 days ago

I have black n white blood. With white skin and brown polka dots. They call it freckles.

Kailuana808 1042 days ago

Solution: Make a doll exactly like this in all colors then no one fights. :O) It's cute.

RonetteRose 1043 days ago

I agree with Depends whose eyes you are seeing things through.

RonetteRose 1043 days ago

It's a Golliwogg doll! She's pretty! Made me smile :D

greglarmond 1043 days ago

Maria is a handsome doll

jqwest1814 1043 days ago

theirs nothing cute about it, just like lil black sambo

jqwest1814 1043 days ago

where would a child get a doll like this/ who brought it! an Adult thats full aware!

LauSteph_xo 1043 days ago

When I first heard you had this, I thought it was racist. But who gave the doll to you? If a child, then it's an innocent gesture, as a child wouldn't know it was wrong.

HoboRobot 1043 days ago

I did not know Mr. Bill and a rainforest monkey had a child together, stole Mini Mouse's dress!

cb74745 1043 days ago

Damn, is this something you stick pins in? I think that's a legitimate questioned....

dforevermjlove 1044 days ago

It makes me sad being a reflection of the world we live in today.Hope it didn't upset you Janet <3