I've been asked what I had of @chrisbrown,and without waiting for me to answer, saying that already contained sweaters, cups, posters, DVDs, etc. and again,they asked the same question, I took a pause and then said that I had one thing,that they lacked,one thing, which is much larger than they had, one thing that surpassed all they had ... I no need of posters or blouses for to say that I love him, but I have something you joining all your sweaters, your dvds, cds etc, just a feeling, may be more numerous than all this ... and this passion, was not bought, nor is it some kind of object , which over time ruin ... is the real thing, which was conquered, and that will never spoil, because if one day your poster wet, will have to go to garbage,but feelings certainly not can wet, never I will need to put it in the trash, you know why? Because his name,is LOVE!!!!! ♥