#KillingFields Mr. JON SNOW jsnow@channel4.co.uk Subject: Expressing gratitude for telecasting - War crimes un punished.I am one among the International Tamil Community. I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your team of Channel-4 for bringing the hidden truths of Tamil Genocide executed with “NO WITNESS”. The 75 years freedom struggle of TAMIL EELAM and the 2200 years old of ethnic issue forced to conclude with No witness and unheard. In this junction when many of Press and mass Medias, stood for biased strategy, the only media and press CHANNEL – 4, courageously revealed the TRUTH without any prejudice.
The justice and basic ethics are common for every human in the world. This was proved by you and your team members. The world and international community may pretend to be as Dum and Deaf and Blind. But the TRUTH never sleeps. 
We Tamil community express our heart full gratitude to CHANNEL-4 and your team for airing the “ Un punished war crimes” to the international community.
With regards,