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Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

On Salvatore lawn right now... Tiny feline Awesomeness

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1167 days ago

On Salvatore lawn right now... Tiny feline Awesomeness


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lalis_oliveira 1063 days ago

Porque ele é tão lindo assim?

_LisaBia_ 1113 days ago

I`m happy that someone like you exists..."You can't help that. We're all mad here." - The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland....

_niscaglione 1122 days ago

lindoooooooooooo o oo o s2_s2

carolfstyles 1124 days ago


aheartknows 1151 days ago


NatalieCatulus 1156 days ago

;-) Meow (=how cute)

Mee_Mordee 1156 days ago

Perfect *-*

thebloodgurl 1163 days ago

OMG *-* Meow (:

lahmaldonado 1163 days ago

nossa homi, me maaaaaaata husband s2

ISF_Ksu 1163 days ago

Meow =)))

LisaAStrand 1164 days ago

Hero! =^.^=

WeLoveSmolder 1164 days ago

hahaha cool xD Love you Iaan<3

Vanessahudgen3 1164 days ago

We can be as perfect as well love you too my meusó divo my life is you love you so much ♥

Isaargenton 1164 days ago

perfect *-*

Cherieveli 1164 days ago

taken? :D :P

LuaN0va 1164 days ago

hahahahaha true

My_Delena_World 1165 days ago

Nina and Ian adopt a few kittens? Cute!

Basshuntgirl 1165 days ago

hahaha very true.

_beeths 1166 days ago

you are so cute my babe <3

gabihgathinha 1166 days ago

cute ♥