as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

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finished art for the sketch i did :3

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919 days ago

finished art for the sketch i did :3


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tharnc 913 days ago

So the ruddy brown is the perfect color to use for the scaled part. Perfect work as always man.

tharnc 913 days ago

Actually, the scaled armor is leather based Lamellar armor, and the upper leggings would be boiled leather cuisses, which are a great defense against slashing attacks.

HyorranSiqueira 918 days ago

Aui Ropa maneira em ~^_^~

DeityLinkAQW 919 days ago

It looks a lot like Heavy Blader to me, (or whatever it's called.) I think it needs a darker red on the protective armor thingy, but that is just me.

XandredAE 919 days ago

Is titan animation will be this friday?

J1KTheGamer 919 days ago

look like a final fantasy char :3

Onyx_DM 919 days ago

Dage: So you're saying it's like those Medieval Asians wore? (IIRC, like the Huns?)
Anyways, you did amazing to this image. =P

Hamad_Monster 919 days ago

Yeah i can see that Well you did a great job on it

DageTheEvil 919 days ago

Those are not pants they are a harder leather that goes over the pants for protection. Its the common style to have them baggy

Hamad_Monster 919 days ago

It Remind me of the leather armor in skyrim lol

Lukass_KM 919 days ago

i think you are right. srry to say this but, the pants seem a bit too baggy...

DageTheEvil 919 days ago

Hmm personally I think I did best on the face

AQWguy 919 days ago

The face isn't perfect, but the rest of it is.

MeinTeil95 919 days ago

made a st.pattys day sword tell me what you think http://twitpic.com/8wdkdl its called clover's sting.

Dobir_786 919 days ago

u could put that in bladehaven

ariffinAE 919 days ago

i love it :)

Ryu_Tamashi_ 919 days ago

This guy either needs a samurai sword or a mid size broadsword (dunno how to spell broad) :/

Mayhem_GS 919 days ago

Wow. Maybe add a cloak?

AQWMaster195 919 days ago


Louizy_ 919 days ago

very creative ^^'