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lots of discussion re concierge doctors and MJ. I interviewed a very prominent one in LA today. this is her license plate. watch 10p tonite..

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2581 days ago

lots of discussion re concierge doctors and MJ. I interviewed a very prominent one in LA today. this is her license plate. watch 10p tonite..


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lakota100 2570 days ago

Too bad concierge docs are only for the rich,and famous! We regular people could use special treatment too!

biloxisongbird 2576 days ago

Sorry I took up so much space, but I used to have chronic insomnia and it was a torture!! See a GOOD neurologist! One that runs tests! Good luck and God bless!

biloxisongbird 2576 days ago

restless leg syndrom. I was given Topamax 50mg in AM and 50mg in PM for the seizures, in also helped me lose some weight so that helped with the apnea. Then he gave me 800mg of Neurotin in PM for the neuropathy. When the neuropathy stopped, the restless l

biloxisongbird 2576 days ago

Hi Dr.! MJ had a real terrible illness. I searched for a cure for years for insomnia, and saw many neurologist, until a good one finally started running tests on me and gave me a diag. I was diag. with apnea, nocturnal seizures, periphrial neuropathy & re

oberaerztin 2578 days ago

Elite...oh really?? Only in her own mind. Doesn't look like that car has been detailed in awhile. Don't mind me, just a lowly family doc trying to survive out there.

carolptucker 2579 days ago

Dr. Gupta, whatis the customary treatment for someonewith chronic, acute insomnia?

newdoc17 2579 days ago

In other countries, doctors don't have to pay much, or anything for med school. Then the foreign docs come here, and work for cheap...should we call this "insourcing"?

newdoc17 2579 days ago

Oops, my note was cut off. Docs spend 11 years in school AFTER high school - and pay $500,000 for the privilege! All work, no pay.

newdoc17 2579 days ago

If primary care doctors continue to be paid 1/3 or 1/10 of what othter doctors get paid, this is the way all of them will go! It is tough to start paying off a $500,000 med school bill on a $90,000 salary, especially when you've lost a decade of earning

19guddi1 2579 days ago

Stop over consuming the cavemen retro diet of hormone and steroid pushed burnt dead animals. burnt as in barbecued / seared ha ha. junk the gas guzzling cars and walk a lot. Banish puffing tobacco and burning out your lungs.ha ha ha ha you won't need a do

tstergios 2579 days ago

Good docs & bad docs; we've all experienced them regardless of the balance in your bank account.

barockabama 2580 days ago

I'm not so called elite,but I sure would like for the Drs to make house calls again.I hate waiting in the office.

wandah2009 2580 days ago

Hi Dr. Gupta--quick question--I would like to know why, of all available physicians out there, Mr. Jackson chose a cardiologist? Something he knew that he wanted kept secret? thanks

WineofLife 2580 days ago

LOL I don't have a Gold Mine so I stay as far from Drs, Physicians, Health Care Professionals ect as I can! Have done a pretty good Job of it for almost 68 years! Picture is a MUCH earlier ME!

WineofLife 2580 days ago

We have an abundance of Drs here and still can't get quality Health Care without a Gold Mine in our Pocket! LOL

JanetRocco 2581 days ago

Let's not get carried away please...it's a Toyota, not a Bentley.

srosenbloomnp 2581 days ago

I will watch. I kinda like that show but do think that with such a shortage of primary care provider they could be put to better use

huaper 2581 days ago

elite! my god

itsjenjen 2581 days ago

Kind of a waste of skills focusing on the so-called "elite" when there is a shortage of physicians in this country as it is.