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This is becoming a problem..

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920 days ago

This is becoming a problem..


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stringa93 917 days ago

Is that a Corsair 800D case you have there?

BornAProphet 917 days ago

Zip ties, rubber bands or the twist things that come with trash bags. I would love to fix it for you :)

gundum584 920 days ago

im glad my comp has 8 usb 2.0 ports and 3 usb 3.0 ports

justinhomepage 920 days ago


Nietsnebarg 920 days ago

Looks like you need cable routing.
But from all the plugs in the front, a USB hub wouldn't hurt either.

FunkHustle 920 days ago

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Mr7165_Dethlon 920 days ago

Yeah, thats right, but Its not better on my PC ;)

Carrotpcdude 920 days ago

hehe I know that feeling! XD My room is practically carpeted with cables.

rey1119 920 days ago

geeze! whats he doing with his computer bringing the dead back to life?

kwojt 920 days ago

I love that ^^

YQQT 920 days ago

What's the problem? There aren't so many conections

ImagineCraft 920 days ago

Is that an xbox controller i see XD

IceCold_Fox 920 days ago

That's nothing compared to mine :D

Phox1515 920 days ago

pssh... you don't wanna see my computer spaghetti. it will give you nightmares