Park Jung Min


오랜만에 생존신고~!^^ 사탕이 없어서 케잌으로 대신~!!^^그리고 저...실은 아들이 생겼어요! 아직 앞모습은 비밀~!♥

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1689 days ago

오랜만에 생존신고~!^^ 사탕이 없어서 케잌으로 대신~!!^^그리고 저...실은 아들이 생겼어요! 아직 앞모습은 비밀~!♥


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Vicky_gr_ 1621 days ago

Dukkiについて悲しいお知らせをインターネットで呼んだよ...もし、本当だったら...(;_・)...울지 마세요!!! もし、ジョンミンさん泣いたら、たくさんファンも泣くよ。울지 마세요...

corianne36 1664 days ago

your sons backview is cute ^^

Athena1592 1666 days ago

oh! :O that cute teen, and the father, beautiful <3

polakim5 1667 days ago

what's the puppy's name ??

erickallaza1227 1668 days ago


ZennKRIssTAL 1668 days ago

HappyBirthday!! heehehe~ ^_^

J051 1679 days ago

I like

gunjanmariya2 1685 days ago

Your'e father Now... Congratulations ^______________^
I thought you love Rabbits Only...ermm...But Puppies are cute too ^_^
Welcome To the family Puppy son ^_-

Zeraph_ 1685 days ago

what's the puppy's name ??

alinabia 1685 days ago

So cuteeee.... ^.^

_Alicia_Yu_ 1687 days ago

So cute ^^ little doggie ~

CHURAJENNY 1688 days ago

너무 귀여운 강아지 :¡

TripleSMexico 1688 days ago

oh!!! so cute it look soo tiny, Show us his face please Jungmina!!

PAmeowchien 1688 days ago

哇是科基Corgi耶!!!! 可愛的短腿襪子腳腳與大耳朵 ♥ 還有調皮的咬咬

love520ss501520 1688 days ago

政珉 你終於用twitter了!!! 狗狗好可愛喔!! dog is cute!! 翻糖花園好好看喔 星期五都好期待呢! 你唱的中文歌好好聽!! fighting!! love you!

icblues 1688 days ago

My cat has similar colour pattern :3

Gonold 1688 days ago

당신 아들? 最初に、)結婚....まあ、私は同意する))))

PandoraDarcy 1689 days ago

I want his name D'Artagnan

BiancalaurelD 1689 days ago

So cute !!!!! :D

MGiselaJ 1689 days ago

Is Female oooo i hope your dog´s name is 지셀라.(my name) ajaj love U FIGHTING!! kisses from PERU