South Sudan -- The World’s Newest Nation -- is struggling to cope with a major #refugee crisis and massive internal displacement. After his village was destroyed by bombs, Joshua fled with his family to find a place of safety away from the fighting.

Joshua Luka is just one of the 350,000 people who have been #displaced by cross-border and inter-ethnic fighting, forced to flee into South #Sudan and #Ethiopia in search of #food, medical #assistance and #shelter.

As they neared the border a sudden airstrike caused a stampede among the thousands fleeing for their lives, leading to the death of his wife and daughter. He is now left alone to raise his remaining four young #children. 

"We were carrying my daughter for about 3 hours and she died. After 2 days, her mother started suffering injuries from the stampede, combined with #malaria she contracted on the way. After 15 days, she also died,” says Joshua Luka.

Joshua and his family eventually found shelter in #DoroCamp, where the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is providing shelter and other #life-saving assistance.

UNHCR is now racing against time to move the refugees away from volatile border areas to safety before the seasonal rains begin and roads become impassable.

With over 1,000 refugees arriving in Ethiopia’s #AssosaCamp every week, and others forced to seek shelter within South Sudan, the situation is dire. #UNHCR need your help today! Take Action Now: