Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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1850 days ago


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dcolangelo 1719 days ago

Here she comes!

madisonjeann 1825 days ago

Great Job ! :D

Inujosha 1827 days ago

Lol. Epic Win.

electragiselle 1843 days ago

My house keeper used to date Eric. I never actually met him, but I did watch him drive his scooter out of my driveway when he picked Emi up!

panicBoy 1843 days ago

Great job!

gamedesign13 1843 days ago

that's what im gettin from this picture...

gamedesign13 1843 days ago

tim:drunk, fat guy- al: wanting to kill camera guy- eric: wanting to rape al and tim

ckaminsk 1843 days ago

Tim and Eric scare me ... first time I saw them I was drunk at the Jackalope bar on 6th St, Austin TX

lordfogg 1843 days ago

new look

FiorellaWK 1843 days ago

OMG OMG OMG! Tim and Eric Awesome show great Job! with Weird Al! dayumm i thought that was just on my mind :P my dream came true!

Jac_Jac_Jacqui 1844 days ago


Pandabear277 1846 days ago

wait those guy are gay?!

Pandabear277 1846 days ago

I hate those guys,and there show, But I always tune in to see uncle muscles!

Druvius 1846 days ago

If i were gay, I'd celebrate my 4th of July with a jar full of strawberry preserves, naked with only myself and this photo. But, i'm not, so i won't. maybe i still will.

TVsGabeRoss 1846 days ago

when you make that face, for some reason I think back to the old days when you had the glasses and moustache...

thejenks1 1847 days ago

you look like uncle bryn from gavin and stacey, apart from the hair!

bclippard 1847 days ago

so whats the address where I can send some bones for Mr. Dunn?

jon_sharp 1848 days ago

Uncle Muscles trifecta of creepiness. And regardless of what all others say... I wish I had a shirt like that.

AndreaKay1984 1848 days ago

Out of the box with this shirt!Very uncharacteristic, a little cowfolkish, LOVE IT.

jewelryforyou 1848 days ago

I can't tell you how many hours our family has listened to your music. You have made all of us laugh so much. You're the best! Thanks!